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Beaches of Antiparos

Are you a lover of crowds—or of absolute tranquillity? Do you like to combine your swim with a delicious meze? Do you love diving, fishing and water sports? Do you spend the summer with your family or with your friends? Are you a lover of history and nature? Do you like a dead calm sea or a wavy one? Do you prefer deep or shallow waters? Rocky or sandy beaches? Do you dream of swimming in a cave and experiencing the magic of the Aegean? Well then, welcome to Antiparos! The ‘tour’ below will help you find the beaches you are dreaming of!

With a coastline of 57 kilometres, Antiparos is ‘embraced’ by astounding beaches. On the one side, the island is ‘hugged’ by tranquil waters with golden sandy beaches, on the other by vertical crags with caves chiselled by the open sea and the winds.

The following beaches are within easy access of the village, just five minutes’ walk away:

Psaralyki A and B (or 1 and 2). Two organised beaches, one the natural extension of the other, with golden sand, beach bars, sunbeds and water games (‘bananas’ [towable inflatables], etc), as well as natural shade offered by tamarisks.

Panayia (or Psaralyki C or 3). A large bay with crystalline waters, sandy beach, silver pebbles and with dense shade created by tamarisks. There is a little taverna nearby offering traditional local cuisine. (There is a municipal bus stop.)

Sifneiko (or Sunset Beach), which is reached on foot from the square (500m distance), or by vehicle via the ring road. With its nice sandy beach, it offers an easy solution for a swim in clear waters. There is a children’s playground nearby and stone benches for gazing at the scenery, with one being able to see as far away as Sifnos—hence its name. The sunset is special—as long as north winds are not blowing! Enjoy a romantic dinner and drink with a view of the enchanting sunset at Sifneikos Yialos.

Ayios Spyridonas. The shallowest sandy beach on the island. It is located to the northeast of the Port. The shallow waters and the tamarisks combine to create a paradise for young children (this is why it is also known as the ‘Baby Beach’).

Kalargyrous’ Beach is found on the northeast part of the island. It is the quietest beach on Antiparos, with a sandy and rocky bottom.

The ‘Camping’ Beach with clear, turquoise waters that astound. It gathers many young people, as is naturally expected, and nudism is permitted on a section of the beach.

A Wet Stroll: Walking from One Island to the Other!

Those wishing to enjoy a view of the entire northern coast of Antiparos have but to walk across the narrows from Theologos’ Beach to the uninhabited Feira, opposite Cape Vorino. The depth of the sea separating the two is estimated at half a metre, and provokes one to take a rare ‘liquid walk’, one open to exploration.

Outside the Village

To the east, at a distance of 3.5km from the Port, lies Glyfa, one of the most beloved beaches of visitors. Its crystal-clear waters and sand will surely enchant you. It is organised, with umbrellas, sunbeds, a cafe and a windsurfing school. Access to the beach is easy. (There is a municipal bus stop.)

Immediately after the intersection leading to the Cave, one finds Apantima, sheltered from the winds, with its small, nice sandy beach, free space and organised beach club / restaurant. (There is a municipal bus stop.)

At a distance of 8km from the Port one finds the bustling beach of Soros, the largest one on Antiparos. It is a wide, clean sandy beach with fine pebble and deep waters. Everyone adores it. You will also find restaurants with traditional island cuisine there. (There is a municipal bus stop.) Just before it, at Mikros Soros, the fine little gravel will enthuse those who are not fans of sand.

To the south, at a distance of approximately 2km from Soros, swimming and diving at Sostis will surely be an unforgettable experience. It is a small beach, with sand and turquoise waters. Continuing from there, under the chapel of Faneromeni,giganticcrags have created a sheltered haven offering tranquillity and incomparable dives.

Livadia, after Kambos, is a remote beach with sand but without shade, ideal for nature-lovers.

In the western section of the island one finds Monastiria, composed of two beaches between two hills, with sand and a gorgeous bottom.

The Village of Ai Yiorgis and Nearby Excursions

There are three beaches in the village of Ai Yiorgis: Kako Rema, a sandy beach with an enchanting view where you can relax as well; Vathys Volos, sandy, with umbrellas and sunbeds; and, the little beach of Ai Yiorgis, with fine sand, near the chapel.

At the little port of Ai Yiorgis one finds tavernas and cafes, where you can enjoy the infinite, fascinating view accompanied by tasty local dishes. (There is a municipal bus stop.)

All the fishing boats that have not left to go out to sea take a breather at the jetty. That is where the little vessel ties up that undertakes the excursions to Despotiko and to the most exoticbeaches of the island and nearby rocky islets, such as ‘Epitafios’ [sepulchre], with its vertical white crags, turquoise waters and sea caves. The Spilia tis Fokias [seal’s cave] is also nearby. The seals pop their head out of the water, while swimming in Despotiko Bay, and often greet the dolphins.


This uninhabited island of archaeological interest ‘conceals’ very beautiful beaches. Access is via private vessel or the little boat from Ai Yiorgis, with frequent daily runs.

The beach Ta Plakakia,locatedacross from Ai Yiorgis and near the chapel of Panayia, as well as To Livadi, on the southern side of the island, are suitable for swimming. The latter is a unique beach, with silver sand and extremely clear, crystalline waters.

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