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Beaches of Folegandros

Folegandros can satisfy varied tastes, offering secluded sandy beaches as well as popular seaside taverns serving fresh fish right by the water. Shade from tamarisk trees, transparent waters, and typical Folegandros stone can all be encountered on the island’s beaches, thus giving the coast its typical features. The more secluded beaches are accessible on foot.

The beaches are easy to reach by tourist boat, car or coach. The most secluded beaches can be accessed on foot. Folegandros is an ideal place for hiking: the footpaths between the dry stone walls pass by old mills, abandoned themonies, solitary chapels, and cross the whole island.

Karavostassis (Hohlidia): Position: The beach at Karavostassis port is located in front of the settlement's houses. A family beach with shade from tamarisk trees throughout its length. There are bars, taverns and hotels near the sea. Nearby beaches: Vardia, by the port, with easy access (stone steps).

Latinaki – Vitsentzou – Pountaki: Small beach you will find if you follow the coastal road from the port towards Livadi.

Katergo: Access: By boat from Karavostassis, or on foot from the footpath that starts in Livadi (around 30'). The footpath is quite rough, so care is required.


Livadi: Access: From Karavostassis.

Aggali: Access: There is road access by coach or by car, but also by boat from Karavostassis. A family beach. There are taverns and rooms to let. Nearby beaches: The small beaches of Fira (footpath, 10') and Galifos, on the footpath towards Agios Nikolaos (10') are very close to Aggali beach. There are a few rooms to let in Galifos, without electricity.

Agios Nikolaos: Access: By boat from Aggali and Karavostassis. Along the footpaths starting in Aggali (20’) or in Ano Meria (45’).

Livadaki: Access: By boar from Karavostassis and Aggali. Also on foot from Ano Meria (45’).

Ampeli: Access: By car or on foot from Ano Meria, as well as by boat.

Agios Georgios: Access: By car (dirt road, 10' from Ano Meria) or on foot along the footpaths (45' hike from Ano Meria).

Serfiotiko: Access: On foot from Ano Meria (40’). The beach is exposed to northern winds.

Vorina: Access: On foot along the footpath (20’) that starts in Myloi. The beach is exposed to northern winds.

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