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Beaches of Kythnos

Beautiful Kythnos has wonderful beaches forming picturesque bays with crystal clear water and ample shade from tamarisk trees for those who cannot stand constant exposure to the sun.

One of the most remarkable beaches of Kythnos is Loutra. If you dive into the water on one of its sides, you will enjoy the beneficial qualities of the hot water coming out of the mineral springs, which ends up in the bay with the crystal clear water

Near Loutra you will find the beach of Agia Eirini with its quaint settlement , and Schoinari, too. Between Potamia and the region Maroulas there is Kavourocheri beach, while Kouri is in between Naousa and Zogkaki joined with store-paved steps.

Follwing the route to Kalo Livadi you can swim at the picturesque beach Liotrivi , where as Martinakia is the first beach one meets leaving Merichas and heading to Loutra.

On the south side of Kythnos near the settlement of Agios Dimitrios the beach of the same name is located, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. From Agios Dimitrios you can get to the small beach Petrousa.

The beach Megali Ammos in Kanala is on of the busiest beaches of Kythnos. It has a wide sandy beach – just as its name suggests – and is located on the right bay just below the church Panagia Kanala. On the left of the church you can swim in Antonides bay.

On the east part of the island you will find Agios Stefanos beach. You will love the wide pebbled beach with many tamarisk trees of fering ample shade.

For those who prefer absolute tranquility while enjoying the sea, you can choose Mavrianos on the east side of the island, Simousi on the south-east side and Stifo which is on the way to Agios Dimitrios.

The most impressive beach of Kythnos is Kolona: a strip of sand splits the sea in two forming two baches on the same seashore. Fykiada and Flambouria (situated near the church of Panagia ) are among the most characteristic beaches of Kythnos, combining beautiful landscape with golden beaches.

Kolona: It is probably the most beautiful beach of the Cyclades and without a doubt a pleasant surprise to the visitor. A strip of sand splits the sea in two, forming two beaches on the same seashore. The access is easy up to Apokrousi but from there and on it is a narrow, treacherous road.

Gaidouromandra A big beach with crystal clear water.

Megali Ammos in Kanala: A big sandy beach, just as its name suggests. It located below the church of Panagia Kanala, on its right. On the left of the church you can swim at the beach Antonides.

Flambouria: A big sandy beach with pebbles; Panagia Flambouriani towers over the area.

Skylou: A first rate sandy beach on the east of the island.

Merichas: The seashore of Merichas has crystal clear water and fine grains of sand.

Antonides: A big beach with crystal clear water.

Apokrousi: One of the longest sandy beaches of Kythnos with tamarisk trees which offer shade.

Agios Dimitrios: A beautiful beach on the south side of the island

Naousa: A beautiful beach on the east side of the island with a view of a church on top of a rock.

Episkopi: A beautiful bay, sheltered from wind, sandy and full of tamarisk trees.

Zogkaki: The southernmost of the three: Naousa, Kouri, Zogkaki, all of which are joined with steps.

Kalo Livadi: It is on the southeast part of the island. Panagia Kalolivadiotisa church is built on a rock.

Loutra: The beautiful beach of the settlement the same name. If you dive into the water on one of its sides you can enjoy the beneficial qualities of the thermal spring water which ends up in the bay

Lefkes: Next to the settlement of the same name it has sand and pebbles and it offers enough shade due to the tamarisk trees.

Martinakia: A small beach, the first one meets leaving Merichas and heading to Loutra.

Potamia: A beach sheltered from wind offering ample shade, on the way to Agios Sostis.

Simousi: A quiet beach to the southeast of the island.

Petrousa: A small beach, on the southernmost part of the island, facing eastwards, accessible through Ag. Dimitrios.

Schoinari: A small beach, sheltered from wind, next to Loutra.

Stifo: A picturesque, quiet beach on the way to Ag. Dimitrios.

Fykiada: A golden beach surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is adjacent to Kolona

Agia Eirini: A small beach opposite Loutra

Agios Stefanos: It is a well protected beach on the east coast of the island. Sand, pebbles and ample shade offered by the tamarisks all along the beach

Agios Sostis: A beautiful beach named after the church Agios Sostis. It is on the southernmost part of the island, with both small pebbles and sand.

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