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Beaches of Paros

Relax on beautiful beaches.
 Get to know the hidden beauties of the island. Bring your friends and family and experience the magic of the mountain and the sea on the back of a majestic animal.


Around Naoussa

Xifara: Xifara is a wide, sandy beach 1.5 km east of Naoussa, with pebbles and no natural shade. Ideal for those seeking a quiet beach near Naoussa.

Ampelas: Ambelas beach is located at Ampelas village, 4 kilometers southeast of Naoussa. Bring an umbrella as very little natural shade is available. The beach is in the bay of Ampelas and visitors can have a coffee and meal in one of the small taverns by the sea. The fishermen moor their boats in the little harbor, as Ampelas has a natural breakwater that protects it from the north winds.

Santa Maria: Santa Maria, a long, organized sandy beach, with crystal clear water, umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports, is located two kilometers east of Naoussa, on the east side of the island. There are a few sea pines scattered here and there, completing the picture of a large beach, with enough bars and tourist shops near the water to satisfy all tastes. There are some smaller beaches a little further north, with cedar trees and sand dunes, which are equally charming and less crowded. Small boats dot the water of the bays. Thousands of young people descend on the sandy beaches of Santa Maria each summer, because they are the perfect combination of natural beauty and good fun.

Monastiri: Monasteri is a long, organized sandy beach, which is sheltered from the winds and is one of the most popular hangouts for young people in summer. Located in the northwest section of the bay of Naoussa, at the entrance of the Environmental Park of Paros, it takes its name from the Monastery of Ai Yiannis Detis, which sits on a hill overlooking the beach. Popularity goes hand in hand with development, and in recent years bars, restaurants and cafés were created to bring good food and fun to the sea, with a view of picturesque Naoussa. There is an open-air theater behind the large stone snack bar with pine trees, where events are held each year. Wild birds sometimes take shelter in the shallow water, in places where small wetlands form.

Agii Anargyri: Agii Anargyri, located on the eastern edge of Naoussa town, is large sandy beach, with a few sea pines for natural shade and many sunbeds and umbrellas to accommodate bathers. Several hotels line the beach, as well as rooms for rent. There are two small piers at either end, where small boats can moor.

Beaches on the East Coast of Paros

Punta: Punta Beach is the most popular beach for young people and surfers on Paros. Long and sandy, southeasterly winds from the sea and north winds from inland converge on Punta. The famous beach bar sits right on the sand, with many trees, a pool and facilities for extreme sports enthusiasts. The heart of youth beats in Punta each summer. The party starts in the morning and continues until late afternoon, with hundreds of twenty-somethings swaying to modern dance beats, both on top of and under the bar and tables.

Drios: Drios beach comprises narrow sandy strip of land with small pebbles, several hundred meters long, with crystal clear water in front of the village with rooms for rent and taverns. Located on the southeast side of the island, the beach is 1.5 kilometers south of Chryssi Akti. The landscape features tall sea pines that combine harmoniously with the rest of the vegetation in a verdant section of Paros. Drios is an ideal destination for a day trip when holidaying on the island. Be sure to swim to the far end of the beach where you will find a strange man-made grooves dating back to Antiquity, when ships came ashore at Diros to wait out stormy weather. The long stone walkway by the beach is ideal for a pleasant stroll after a midday swim.

Logaras: Logaras is located next to Piso Livadi. It is a large sandy beach, with turquoise water. Bathers are protected from the scorching sun by the shade of the tall sea pines, while the seabed is ideal for those who wish to snorkel or fish with a spear gun. Logaras combines a relative calm with the amenities offered by a developed area: rooms for rent, cafés, restaurants, mini markets and tourist shops. It is also ideal for beach and watersports, such as water skiing, beach volleyball etc. The beach also features a panoramic view of the island of Naxos and the interesting Kefalos Hill, an old inactive volcano.

Piperi: Piperi is the ideal solution for visitors staying in Naoussa who don’t want to go far, even for a swim. It is located in the village, beyond the port and easily holds its own against the other beaches of Paros. The sandy beach rivals the best on the island and the pine tree forest lining it is ideal for a picnic after a dip in the deep blue water. There are dozens of places to have a drink or meal near the beach, and it is perfect for families with children who don’t want to be troubled by packing up the car and driving to the beach.

Lolantonis: Lolantonis took its name from the tavern situated on the hill overlooking the sea. Park the car and take the path leading down to one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches on the island. Be sure to bring your own umbrella and mats, as the beach is not organized and natural shade under the sea pines dominating the seascape is limited. However, when the sun heads towards the west in the afternoon, the cliffs on the left side of the shore cast plenty of shade. Lolantonis is one of the beaches that appeals to those seeking peace and to commune with nature, as it is considered the farthest from “civilization”.

In addition to the renowned Loloantonis Tavern, there is also another place to eat overlooking the beach.

Molos: Molos is located in an idyllic spot between Kefalos and Antikefalos hills, at the foot of the village by the same name. It is a vast, sandy beach in a rugged yet charming landscape, which offers a sense of isolation. Set up your umbrella and spread out your towel wherever you like as, space is one of the beach’s main attributes. There are also many sea pines, and a small picturesque harbor at the southern end of the beach, where a few boats and other small vessels moor under a whitewashed Aegean church dedicated to Agios Nikolaos, patron saint of sailors.

Kalogeros: The smaller Kalogeros beach is located just next to the large, sandy Molos, and is reachable via an uphill and downhill dirt road that forms the “neck” of the small peninsula, which rises above the sea and is covered in all the colors of the rainbow in spring. The beach takes its name from the legend of the monk (kalogeros in Greek) who took his own life falling from the cliff into the sea. The beach is characterized by the unique color of the sand, which results from the green and red clay rocks in the area. Vegetation is low and the oddly formed cliffs offer shade in the afternoon. The beach is undeveloped and visitors should come prepared with all basic necessities.

Tsoukalia: Tsoukalia is fairly large beach under Antikefalos hill, north of Molos, with few tourist facilities. A small number of sea pines provide shade in the center, and the summer winds often make waves, as the beach faces northeast. Windsurfers can often be seen battling the waves in the open sea.

Glyfades: Glyfades is a large and wildly beautiful beach situated next to Tsoukalia and near the road leading from Lefkes to Naoussa. The summer winds often attract surfing enthusiasts in the summer.

Chryssi Akti: Sandy Chryssi Akti beach is the largest and one of the most beautiful beaches on Paros, and is a true paradise for sea and watersports enthusiasts. The conditions are also ideal for sailing. It is a Blue Flag beach with excellent infrastructure, modern hotels, rooms for rent, surf clubs, restaurants and bars.

Nea Chryssi Akti or Tserdakia: Nea Chryssi Akti is a long, sandy, organized and crowded beach, and one of the beaches of Paros preferred by surfers from all over the world. The World Windsurfing Championship was held there in the 90s. Sports enthusiasts will find everything they need at Nea Chryssi Akti to enjoy air and water sports. Beginners need not worry. Instructors await to introduce them to both. There is no shortage of tourist shops, accommodation, bars and clubs for all ages.

Nea Chryssi Akti: Nea Chryssi Akti is a long, sandy, organized and crowded beach, and one of the beaches of Paros preferred by surfers from all over the world. The World Windsurfing Championship was held there in the 90s. Sports enthusiasts will find everything they need at Nea Chryssi Akti to enjoy air and watersports. Beginners need not worry. Instructors await to introduce them to the sports.

There is no shortage of tourist shops, accommodation, bars and clubs for all ages.

In the south, near the airport

Agios Nikolaos-Aliki: Arriving from Parikia, the first beach in Aliki is the long and sandy Agios Nikolaos. It is wide with coarse sand and sea pines on the left. Agios Nikolaos is the perfect place to combine a dip in the sea with sports at the basketball and tennis courts and football pitch directly behind it. There is also a children’s playground and plenty of parking space.

Aliki: The main beach at Aliki is lively and perfect for families. The broad sea pines create plenty of shade where the beach meets the main cobblestone street of the village, while café-bars and restaurants cater to all the requirements of a family holiday with good food next to the waves. Fishing boats and other small crafts moor at the pier.

Piso Aliki: Piso Aliki is the most beautiful of the three beaches near Alliki, and boasts an unspoiled landscape with a few facilities, including showers, changing rooms and quick and easy access to the shops of the village. The wide sandy beach with a few pebbles is dotted with sea pines for natural shade. The beach is accessible by a cobblestone walkway along the sea, extending from the paved coastal road at the end of Aliki.

Faragas: Faragas comprises one large and two small beaches sheltered from the wind by cliffs, with golden sand and calm clear water. The large beach is organized and popular, as tourists visit from all over the island in summer, and features sunbeds, umbrellas and two snack bars. Those arriving at the small beaches in the afternoon will enjoy a swim at asandy, uncrowded beach with turquoise water. There are no sea pines and very little natural shade under the cliffs, so be sure to bring an umbrella.

Beaches near to Parikia

Krios: Krios beach is to the north of the port of Paros. Just 2 kilometers from Parikia, it offers all the amenities of an organized beach, natural shade under the big sea pines near the shore, and calm, cold water (underground streams change the temperature). A small pier at one end of the beach is perfect for diving, particularly for young swimmers. Krios is accessible by boat from Parikia.

Marcello: Marcello is the next beach after Krios. It is long and sandy, with a few sea pines and all the facilities of an organized beach. Just 2.5 kilometers from the port, it is accessible by boat from Parikia.

Kaminia: Kaminia is the third consecutive beach at the north end of Parikia bay, and is located near Agios Fokas. It is sandy with natural shade under the trees.

Agios Fokas: Agios Fokas is small sandy beach with a few sea pines, which took its name from the church overlooking the waves. It is located on the northern edge of the bay of Parikia, after Kaminia and near the cave of Archilochus.

Livadia: Livadia is a long sandy beach, perfect for visitors staying in and around Parikia. It essentially extends north of the old port and is organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and cabanas for changing, as well as many café-bars and taverns for a meal, mini markets and other amenities. There are also many options for beach sports enthusiasts. It is the ideal solution for those staying in one of the many hotels and rooms for rent just off the main road.

Souvlia or Delfini: Souvlia is a small, beautiful, sandy, triangular beach, with a few sea pines facing north. It is located 2 kilometres from Parikia on a downhill road to the right off the road leading south to the airport. Some facilities are available, including a few restaurants, cafés and hotels.

Parasporos: Parasporos is located just 2.5 kilometers from Parikia, below the main road to the south. It is a long, wide, sandy beach with large sea pines. There are many sunbeds and umbrellas and a large expanse of open space. Although Parasporos is popular and cosmopolitan, it remains relatively unspoiled. Food and drink is available directly on the beach.

Agia Irini: Agia Irini is a closed bay with a narrow sandy beach facing northwest and is located 4 kilometers south of Parikia. It is characterized by the tall pine trees and fine golden sand that lend it an exotic feel. There is a small tavern on the beach, which offers shade and a meal to bathers.

Kolybithres: Kolibithres overlooks the bay of Naoussa, where granite rocks eroded by salt, water and air lead to down to the sea and form sequential beaches in a unique landscape.

There are many sandy beaches leading into each other, in a lunar landscape offering relaxation and satisfying all inclinations and needs. The organized beach features accommodation and taverns, as well as watersports.
The water is calm, warm and very shallow, ideal for families with young children and discerning visitors alike.
Access: By boat from Naoussa or by car and motorbike.


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