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Footpaths of Sikinos

The best part of Sikinos is reserved for the trekker: ancient relics, secluded beaches, remote caves, high cliffs and passages through gorges, byzantine temples and a flora and fauna protected by the Natura 2000 European network. The protection of the environment as well as the preservation and maintenance of the footpaths ranks high in the agenda of the Sikinos Municipality.

A good way to start is by obtaining the Map of Sikinos (pub. Terrain).

The network of the footpaths is spread all over Sikinos. Here are just some typical routes:

Kastro - Alopronoia
take the old cobblestone footpath from Hora to Alopronia. The path starts behind the old Primary School, and ends behind "Themonies" (the night club of Sikinos). Cross the asphalt road and follow another footpath to Alopronia.

Kastro - Episkopi - Agios Panteleimonas - Alopronia
a hardcore 13 km distance, around 4 hours' walk.

Kastro - Malta
go to Chryssopigi monastery, walk past the heliport until Profitis Ilias chapel and start descending towards Malta beach (6,5 km, less than 2 hours).

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