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Beaches of Tinos

Tinos is known all over Greece, as well as abroad, thanks to the rich pilgrimage of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. 


However, this island, with its extensive and rich history in the art of marble sculpture, possesses many unique features: its villages, real masterpieces of architecture, the ...otherworldly landscape of Volax with the round granite formations, the suggestive rocky hill of Xombourgo with the ruins of the castle, 600 artfully crafted dovecotes, 750 churches and chapels, an excellent network of old paths that cross the whole island, and magnificent beaches.

Typical of Tinos is the fact that its villages, with their marble-paved squares, springs, and well-kept houses with their yards full of flowers, are inhabited almost all year long and in most of them you can find coffee shops and restaurants.

The paved roads of the island are also enjoyable, especially the one from Tinos town to Kardiani, Ysternia, and afterwards to Pyrgos and Panormos, offering a unique view to the coasts of the island and the open sea from above.

Agios Fokas: A popular beach 1km long, which is located very close to Tinos Town. It is sandy and has tamarisk trees. It is equipped with facilities at some points, and there are beach bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Agia Thalassa: A low hill separates Kavalourko from Agia Thalassa, with the country chapel of the same name standing out at one end of the beach.

Agios Sostis – Laouti: The large harbour in the southeast of Tinos has various names for each area of it: Agios Sostis, Laouti (Skylandar), Agia Kyriaki, and Agios Ioannis Porto. It is sandy, with tamarisk trees and umbrellas and sunbeds in front of the hotels and the beautifully shaped cliffs. At the beginning of the beach you will see the small church of Agios Sostis and at its end, the small church of Agia Kyriaki. On the upper side of the harbour, small «neighbourhoods» have developed, consisting mainly of rooms for rent, hotels, tavernas, mini markets, etc. The small and well-protected bay of Agios Ioannis Porto, behind the peninsula of Agia Kyriaki, has shallow water, suitable for families with small children.

Agios Petros: An extensive sandy beach divided into two by a cliff that reaches the sea. The white church of Agios Petros, which dates from the 16th century, stands above it.

Agios Romanos: A large beach with sand, thin pebbles, and tamarisk trees. The small church with the same name is located at its eastern end, as well as a small harbour for boats. As you descend towards Agios Romanos, you will see the neighbouring beach of Apigania, which you can reach by a path.

Apothikes: A large sandy beach near Kolybithra beach.

Kavalargos: Also called Kavalourkos. This is a small beach in Panormos with sand and pebbles. From here you can approach the islet of Planitis with its lighthouse.

Kalyvia: A small sandy beach with very clear water. There is a beach bar operating there.

Kionia: A large sandy beach opposite the sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite and smaller bays for those who want more privacy. There are umbrellas and sunbeds at various points, and opposite the beach there are hotels, rooms for rent, and taverns.

Kolympithres: Two sandy beaches divided by a huge cliff. The smaller beach is a favourite among holidaymakers and especially families that are taking a holiday on the island. It is sandy and has umbrellas made of reeds and sunbeds. There are taverns operating above the beach.

Livada: An impressive beach, near which the famous lighthouse of Livada is located. It has both sand and pebbles, sculpted cliffs, and rounded granite rocks. A small river flows calmly into the sea, creating a small wetland. This is where the beautiful path that starts out from Falatados ends.

Ormos Ysternion: In the seaside settlement of Ormos Ysternion, there is a sandy beach protected from the wind. It is suitable for families with small children. In the small harbour there are restaurants.

Ormos Giannaki: The beach below Kardiani has large pebbles and clear water. There are restaurants there.

Pachia Ammos: A beautiful sandy beach with a sand-dune and rocks sculpted into interesting shapes.

Rochari: A sandy and beautiful beach next to Panormos.

Stavros: Slightly before Kionia you can find the small beach of Stavros with the church of the same name.

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