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Beaches of Donoussa

Donoussa’s pretty beaches - sandy to the south and pebbly to the north, are a far cry from the style of organized bathing spots, and offer unique contact with nature, crystal-clear waters and a wonderful seabed.

Even more isolated and unspoiled are the beaches on the nearby islets of Skoulonissi, Makares and Melantii,which are also ideal for fishing and diving, and can be reached by private or hired boat.

Fykio: Fykio is a small and quiet beach on Donoussa’s southeastern edge, within close proximity of Livadi beach.

Kedros: Ranking as one of the most beautiful beaches on Donoussa, Kedros is protected by a small bay in the island’s south.

Limni: Limni is a small and isolated beach on the island’s southwestern side.

Livadi: Featuring superb deep turquoise waters and a white sandy beach, Livadi is widely considered as being the most beautiful beach on Donoussa.

Messa Ammos: Messa Ammos is the largest and most remote of the three beaches at Kalotaritissa cove.

Sapounochoma: Sapounochoma is one of three beaches tucked away at the hospitable cove of Kalotaritissa, located at the island’s northeast.

Stavros: Easily accessible and a popular location on the island, Stavros is the main beach at the settlement of the same name.

Vathy Limenari: A tranquil and remote spot on the island’s south, Vathy Limenari is a small, quiet beach featuring deep turqoise waters and white-pebbled sand.

Vlycho: The middle of three beaches in Kalotaritissa cove, Vlycho is covered with fine pebbles and its waters are tranquil and turquoise.

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