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Veronis Jakobsen

VERONIS JAKOBSEN - is a development and construction company based on the wonderful island Naxos in Greece.

Location, Quality, Style and Price are the four key factors when considering a property. We have made addressing these core to our mission of creating well-built, beautiful houses and apartments.

As of today we can proudly state that we have HELPED our clients representing many different countries around the world - realising their DREAM!

VERONIS JAKOBSEN is renowned for its high quality home construction and development projects in the housing industry. With a long standing history in the building construction and real estate fields, the pioneers, George Veronis and Gitte Jakobsen have joined forces creating one great customer experience after another by designing beautifully functional homes.

Today, VERONIS JAKOBSEN is the leading construction company in Naxos and has begun pursuing significant projects in Mykonos, Paros and Antiparos. Their extensive experience and diverse clientele along with the unparalleled know - how of its architectural team and reliable collaborators gives them a strong competitive advantage.

VERONIS JAKOBSEN has proven results for setting exceptional standards in designing and building houses through their high percentage of contractual agreements with customers prior to home project establishment. Quality, design, attention to details, experience, commitment, ethos, and constant customer satisfaction are the fundamental principles of the company.

Build with VERONIS JAKOBSEN your dream house in Cyclades.

+30 69 493 984 71
+30 22 850 293 33
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Naxos, Cyclades, GR
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