Restaurant "Anagennisis"

The restaurant "Anagennisis" was created in the summer of 2007, in the beautiful village of Koronos in Naxos Island. It’s a family business, whose owners are local residents who invested in their hometown and created a traditional and warm place that became a landmark of the wider area.

01 Anagennisis

The name "Anagennisis" was preferred for a simple reason. During the ’80s, the same family was running a traditional cafe in the space where the restaurant is currently housed. Today, this space was entirely renovated and reborn -hence the name "Anagennisis", which in Greek means Renaissance.

03 Anagennisis

The space of restaurant is comfortable and cozy, and the view is spectacular. Quality plays a primary part in the restaurant "Anagennisis" and all the dishes are delectable and inspired by the authentic Greek & Italian cuisine.

04 Anagennisis

Since 2011 the restaurant "Anagennisis" has been certified by the Chamber of Cyclades with the "Aegean Cuisine" quality label. In fact, such certification of the restaurant "Anagennisis" is one of the first in the island of Naxos. In 2014 the restaurant "Anagennisis" was reinspected by TÜV HELLAS, on behalf of the Chamber of Cyclades. The quality of the restaurant "Anagennisis" allows it to continue to «worthily» hold the "Aegean Cuisine" quality label.

05 Anagennisis

Furthermore, the restaurant "Anagennisis" has been certified by Italy with the "Eccellenze Italiane 2015" (ID Number: 4985) quality label. Also, has been awarded the "Top Choice Restaurant 2015" medal by the Chinese guide Lianorg, and has been awarded by the magazine Athinorama with the "Alpha Guide 2015" quality label.

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