Distillery Probonas- From 1915

From 1915 and onwards the Probonas distillery produces the famous Citron liqueur in the same traditional way.

The Citron liqueur is a pure extract from the leaves of citron. There are no chemicals or preservatives added. The Citron liquer is recognized by the Greek state as one of the three Greek liquers and it is available in two types.


Other products of the Probonas distillery is the Tsipouromelo, made from Naxian honey and local herbs, the delights and bits of Naxos, the traditional Vanilla sweet. Another product of the Probonas distillery is the new lemonchello liquer, made  with lemons from the Probonas estate at Eggares village at Naxos.  

Lemonchello liquer is perfect on hot summer days cause it is very refreshing.

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